Benefits and the Side Effects to Note about DMAE

DMAE is one of the most beneficial nootropics out there today. It has several effects on human health and can improve brain function. It can improve your focus and can enhance you mental processing so that you can recall things faster. Also, it can improve the speed at which your brain carries out mental execution, and this means you can handle complex better tasks better than ever.  The chemical compound is derived from natural source and can positively affect your brain function. It has antioxidant effect and this makes it effective against oxidative damage. It prevents the activities of free radicals and prevents damage to internal organs.  Its antioxidant effect equally prevents damage to the brain cells and reduces aging process so that the brain can remain functional even into old age.  In this write-up, you will learn more about the benefits of this product; we will equally mention the various DMAE bitartrate side effects you should take note of.

Its many benefits

The benefits of DMAE are simply numerous. Aside from its protective effects on the brain, the product can also treat aging spots and make your skin look more beautiful than ever. Also, it can tighten your sagging skin so that you can look younger than your real age.  It can come in the form of tablets and also available as ointments and creams that can be applied to the skin. Bear in mind that the aging spot comes up with old age. The product will therefore, remove the tell tale signs of aging on you and make you look younger and more beautiful.

reduces aging process

DMAE is a natural product and a cholinergic molecule.  It is deficient of a methyl group and this makes it more effective than the Choline produced in the human brain.  The supplement can be found in several products, like Lucidril and Centrophenoxine, which are products specifically formulated for the elderly.  Despite being formulated for the elderly, the product is also used by younger ones for cosmetic purpose and many end users have come to testify to its effectiveness

DMAE side effect

Some of the side effects associated with this product are highlighted below:

  • Strange body odor
  • Moderate symptoms of depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • High blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal issues

Bear in mind that all the DMAE bitartrate side effects mentioned above are mild and can be managed effortlessly.  You should avoid using the product if you are a pregnant woman or lactating mother. Those having bipolar disorder should also avoid using it.