Experience the regular screening if you are suffering from colon cancer

The survival rates are very low in the later stages of the disease. Colorectal cancer is the most common type of cancer in males. There will be good rates of cure for colorectal cancer if it detected in the early stages. The chances of a cure are very high in the early detection of cancer. It is important to identify the risk factors for the purpose of regular screening. The cancer development can be prevented dr ganesh ramalingameasily by detecting in the early stages according to dr Ganesh Ramalingam. Once if the regular screening is done then you can discuss your positive family history with the doctor. If you are suffering from colon cancer then you should experience the regular screening after the age of 50 years. The pathologists will exclude the cancers when the sample is sent for the assessment.

High chances of detection or cure:

You can get more information during the early detection once if the screening is done for colon cancer. The MOH guidelines may sometimes detect the facts of the colon cancer. There will be higher chances of cure or detection as perĀ dr ganesh ramalingam with the early detection. The removal and detection of the polyps can be investigated in the best way through the colonoscopy. There is a small camera in the colonoscope which has a thin and flexible scope. The entire length of the rectum and colon can be verified by the doctor at the time of colonoscopy. The polyps can be removed when the special instruments are passed through the scope to enable the sample.