Shopping Destination for Fine Jewelry and Timepieces

Leeds & Son is an authorized jeweler for the highest brands and designers in each price category and it is an internationally recognized shopping destination for fine jewelry and timepieces. Leeds & Son is serving the Palm Desert Area and palm springs jewelry and watches in Southern California.

Providing aBonus:

The perfect way to mark a special event or contribution is by giving someone a Leeds & Son corporate gift. A Leeds & Son timepiece will forever focus on a moment where there were no words to express gratitude from milestone anniversaries to championed achievements. Each exquisitely crafted timepiece is guaranteed to creating a lasting memory, and you can say it with a gift from Leeds & Son when you need to say thank you. Leeds & Son offers a complimentary etching of your company logo or a memorable message on the back of most timepieces.

Fashion, Jewelry, and Diamonds:

Because jewelry is the ultimate symbol for romance and love, there’s no better place to find the design of your dreams for the love of your life than, Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers on El Paseo in Palm Desert. The Leeds & Son’s collections feature Marco Bicego creative diamond, gold, and precious gemstone pieces; Como Italia’s unique and timeless and designs; and the bold, eclectic, edgy pieces of Messika and many more. Just like the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with, diamonds should be carefully chosen as well.

A diamond is considered a lasting symbol of your commitment and it is so much more than just a stone in a setting. Leeds & Son offers a wide selection of GIA graded diamonds and settings to make sure your love shines forth in the most brilliant way possible, for years to come. Being the premier jeweler of the United States, Leeds & Son is working on answering all of the important questions that emerge when you are choosing the perfect diamond.

Consider the four characteristics that determine the quality of a diamond in order to make an educated selection. The associates of Leeds & Son travel the world to find the finest gemstones, the newest designs, and the most prestigious brands. Trust, experience, and skills guide the longtime industry relationship that enables Leeds & Son to bring the world’s finest and most extraordinary luxury jewelry exclusively to its stores.

The Watch Service Center:

A watch can be a magnificent combination of art and science that adorns your wrist, and by purchasing a watch from Leeds and son you will have in your possession one of the most exquisite timepieces in the world. This timepiece represents over 100 years of watchmaking history.

It is the personification of the true beauty and power of an accurately controlled release of energy designed to keep track of something as fleeting as time. If you give it the care and attention it needs to keep it in perfect working order, then your wristwatch will last you for more than a lifetime.

Leeds & Son is honored and proud to offer you expertise and world-class professionalism in exceptionally talented Master Watchmakers. Located in state-of-the-art, extraordinary Watch Service Center at the showroom on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

These artisans work diligently in a micro-precision world of the modern watchmaker. They are enthusiastically waiting to answer your questions as well as providing you with any service that your watch may require.

Care and Attention to Detail:

The certified master and highly skilled technicians are dedicated and loyal; they focus on providing you with the utmost precision, knowledge, and craftsmanship to every detail while caring for your timepiece. You can feel their passion when you speak to the technicians or when you observe them closely while they work on a precision timepiece.