The Best Terrarium Plants for Closed and Open Container

Having terrarium plants inside the apartment can make a difference. Singaporeans think that having plants inside their apartment is space consuming. For these people, they are not yet familiar with terrarium making.

Terrariums are a trend these days because it is low maintenance and easy to make. It does not end there because it can improve indoor air quality and promote feelings of well-being. Terrariums are considered tiny glasshouses.

If you want this, you can consider terrarium making workshop singapore to get ideas. Before anything, you should know that selecting the right plants for your terrarium is crucial to a thriving ecosystem. It is also important that you consider the size of the container.

For closed container
The closed container has a warm and humid environment. Here’s a list of plants best for closed container:
• Friendship plant: this is a leafy plant having dark colors that add visual depth.
• Aquamarine: this is a small plant that grows only 12 inches tall. It is ideal to surround

larger plants.
• Starfish plant: this is a good addition to any terrarium. Its leaves have these dramatic colors from green to red. It grows maximum height of 6 inches.
• Maidenhair fern: this is a small fern with feathery sprays of leaves with delicate shapes.

For open containerterrarium making workshop singapore
Open containers are ideal for plants living in a dry environment. Here’s a list of plants best for open container:
• Echeveria blue sky: these plants will standout in any terrarium because of its

red-tinged tips of blue sky.
• Burrito tail: this plant is famous for its unusual shape adding visual interest to your collection.
• Feather cactus: this is another unusual addition to a terrarium with its white spines and distinct color.
• Moon cacti: if you want vibrant colors, this plant is perfect. These plants offer brightly-colored globes.