Sakata city is an alluring and eye-catching port city in Japan thatis worth going to while in the country or when visited as a tourist.  Sakata city is situated around two rivers namely, sea of Japan and the Mogami river. There is high growth in trade with the Kansai region because of the location of the city. Therewas increment of fishing industry,many Seafood restaurants and fish market becauseof the rivers surrounding Sakata City. People living within Sakata city and close to the city visit the aforementioned restaurants to eat the fishes caught from the rivers. Sakata city is the 3rd most populous city inYamagata prefecture, Japan. It is also said to be the biggest rice producing city together with sake in Japan. As of 2015, the population of the city was estimated to be around 105022. Thecity of Sakata had no food challenge as it thriveas a result of the city’s location. From the food products, thecitizens are feed especially the city of Tokyowhich was known as Edo then. Through the Kitamebune ship, trade transportation, mostly see products was facilitated in Japan and this played a greatrole in their ranking as one of the prominent cities in Japan.

The Economy revenue of Sakata City

Apart from fish and other sea products, there are other income economy revenues for Sakata city. The means through which economy revenues are generated in Sakata city include:

  1. Thecosmetic and chemical company known as Kao.
  2. The light manufacturing.
  • Seiko Epson electronics company.
  1. Agriculture: The presence of the rivers make it easier for crops to grow well in the land. The soil is naturally irrigated, thus there is high productivity of agricultural products.sakata city

Sakata City Trade Transportation

Sea products and other products are transported fromSakata city to other cities like Osaka, Honshu, Kyushu and Kyoto via sea through the Kitamebune ship. There are many things thathave been developed from these trades such as the Maiko culture and Geisha which got to be from the trade that existed between Sakata city and Kyoto.

Celebrities from Sakata City

It is of paramount importance to know that sakata city has gone ahead to produce notable people. They include:

Kumiko Ikeda—a long jumper.

Teyi Honma—the ice hockey goaltender.

Ken Shymei—the photographer andmany others.